Some questions to consider…

Below are some questions you might want to consider:      


1. When do you wish to travel? (i.e.: set date or are you flexible?)

2. From where?(i.e.: where do you wish to depart from?)

3. To where? (i.e.: one destination or several)

4. Are you travelling one way?

5. How long do you wish to stay at the destination you are you flying to?

6. Do you wish to return from the same place of the city of your arrival?

(If the answer is no, which other cities would you consider returning from?)

7. Do you wish to hire a car and get a tip for accommodation along the way, hire a campervan or would you consider travelling more comfortably by day or overnight trains?

8. Are you returning to the same place you began your journey at?

(If the answer is no and you wish to return to another destination please advise)

9. Would you like to break your journey and include one or more stopovers on your way to or from your destination?

(If the answer is yes, please think of any cities you would like to stop in, for how long and advise)

10. Traveller’s details:

(i.e.: Adult / Child (age) / Student / Senior / Teacher / and how many)

11. What are your hobbies?

(i.e.: observing wildlife, hiking, diving, horse riding, skiing, food tasting, art, history, music, pubbing, etc.)

12. Any additional information you consider relevant:

(i.e.: What other information about you can help us to perfectly understand and address your travelling needs.)