Travelling with children

Travelling with children can be a challenging and also very rewarding experience. Within the subpage are few tips you might consider to make your voyage a bit easier.

Many International airports feature accommodation accessible by a direct walk from your terminal. We can help you to time your connecting flights, schedule appropriately so you can gain some quality rest on your long haul journeys.

International Airports with walking access to a hotel:

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Some Tips…

Travelling with infants and small children:

Before your travel try to boost up both your child’s and your own immune system. Vaccinate if necessary, for more info refer to

Consider buying travel insurance covering the period from the moment you leave your doorstep to the date of estimated return to your home. Ask if the insurance company covering your car or home also offers international travel insurance and if they do you will most probably get a better deal as an established customer.

Choose your accommodation type. For short stays a hotel room should be enough as you can always sterilise your infants’ bottle with boiling water from your coffee and tea making facility. For longer stays consider if you would prefer a hotel room, studio or an apartment equipped with a kitchenette.

What to take: Very little babies travel well in carriers such as a Baby Bjorn, etc. If your infant is already sitting it may be handy to take a backpack which will allow you to move around more easily and make your walks more fun for your child.

Light weighted strollers may become handy not only during your transits (must be checked on board) as not all international airports offer a stroller service. To get inspired about what type is the best for you please refer to:

It is recommended that you pay extra attention to personal hygiene during travel to minimize your chance of getting sick. Wash your child’s and your own hands more often, have extra wipes handy and hydrate well. If your infant is bottle fed consider taking two or three sterilised bottles and a few long lasting pre-mixed formulas to keep your baby’s food as fresh as possible. Pack the essentials only. All major international airports feature a chemist store where you can buy extra baby stuff.

If your child is older and your are doing multiple, long haul voyages without a stopover consider having handy two spare blankets, one for your child to rest on (always same side up) and one to keep her/him warm and snuggled when necessary.

Take with you a hard copy of your complete itinerary including a list of your accommodation providers, their contact details, directions on how to get there (maps), as well as information regarding all your air and surface transport.

When to travel: Some babies sleep better at night some don’t. Consider booking your flight times accordingly. Request a bassinet for your infant and try to reserve your plane seat close to the aisle so you can comfortably get in and out.